Mikagehage is fairly sure no harm or material loss will befall readers of JRLO KOBE STEELERS. Nonetheless, there are a number of points to make clear.

Firstly, Mikagehage is not an employee of the Kobe Steelers, nor the Kobe Seiko Kobelco company. In fact, this blog has no official ties to the team nor its official website whatsoever, although the team and its officials are aware of both Mikagehage and JRLO KOBE STEELERS existence, and in the past have kindly allowed occasional access to both players and staff.

As such, it’s always possible information found here could contain small inaccuracies, or information and ideas which are not those of the official website, nor team. Mikagehage strives to limit these as much as humanly possible, and welcomes feedback from readers and the Kobe Steelers themselves at any time so that such occurrences may be limited and amended where necessary.

Content that can be found in the ‘Translated Articles’ section is largely taken directly from the ©Kobelco Kobe Steelers Official Website, which I will continue doing until the official website begins publishing ALL content bilingually.

Mikagehage would hope that any reader wishing to share or reproduce parts of JRLO KOBE STEELERS do so with nothing more than full acknowledgment of source.

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